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Car Dealer Header Logo and Menu Change

From this:

To this:






Updated to include Version 1.5 and Version 2.2.1

This file gives full details and code to change the position and size of the Header Logo of the Car Dealer Theme. Allows you to increase the height and width of the Logo Header and center it if desired. Also includes code to create and control the color of the background behind the new logo header.
Code is also included to enlarge and reposition Menu Navigation Bar to make it a full width Menu which allows for more Menu Buttons and balances the theme look.

For demo, go to

Includes changes to the header.php files, style.css files and updated images.. The price to download the code to make all these changes is only $15.00.

Discounts for multiple purchases: Use Coupon Codes: 10PERCENT for total purchase $50 or more, 15PERCENT for total purchase $75 or more and 20PERCENT for total purchase $100 or more at checkout.

Unzip the file and select the Version that you are using and open the readme.txt file for instructions.