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Plugin for Credit App and Window Stickers

We just released a new comprehensive plugin for Gorilla Theme’s Car Dealer, Dealership,
Automax and Automotive Themes that includes all of the following:

1) A Customer Credit Application Template which allows your Customer to fill out a complete
application and it is submitted by email to the Dealer at the admin email address.

The submitted information data is also collected in a table in the database for followup
and can be exported as an Excel spreadsheet for other uses.

It validates the required fields and has CAPTCHA protection to eliminate spam.

2) Also included is a Service Appointment Form Template to allow for online scheduling of
service appointment.

3) Print a Window Sticker and a Vehicle Spec Sheet for each vehicle.
Print Spec Sheet or Print window Sticker from Sidebar widget or from Inventory Edit Vehicle File
in backend.

4) Print an As-IS or Limited Warranty Sticker for each vehicle
from Edit Vehicle Page in Inventory Admin section.

5) This plugin also includes a new Sidebar Widget Contact Form.
The new Contact Form has a Phone Number box to include the phone in the email sent to you.
It also includes the web address in the email message so you know where the form came from.
When the user is viewing the Vehicle Details Page, the Contact Form in the Dealership Sidebar
will automatically populate the following:
Vehicle stock number, Vehicle Year, Vehicle Make, and Vehicle Model.
It will also automatically populate the message box with the vehicle post title and stock number.

Full installation and setup instructions are in the included files: install-intructions-full.doc or install-instructions-full.pdf
Demo of Car Dealer can be seen at Big Daddy Motors Website.

Select vehicle details and Select Print Spec Sheet or Print window Sticker from Sidebar widget to see this:

This file includes files and instructions to install Print window Stickers and Vehicle Spec Sheets
for Car Dealer, Automax, Automotive and Dealership Themes.

Purchase the file and download the file.

Unzip the file and follow instructions in the readme.txt file.

The price to download the form and code to make these changes is only $50.00 USD.

Discounts for multiple purchases: Use Coupon Codes: 10PERCENT for total purchase $50 or more, 15PERCENT for total purchase $75 or more and 20PERCENT for total purchase $100 or more at checkout.
Vehicle Spec Sheet _ ABC Motors